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Bill Clinton
Public speaker, UN envoy Haiti
Born: 1946 USA
Children: 1
  • Annual: USD 13,400,000.00
  • Monthly: USD 1,116,666.00
  • Weekly: USD 268,000.00
  • Daily: USD 53,600.00
IBtimes May 2014: Clinton earns between $200,000 and $750,000 per speech.
NYDailyNews Feb 2013: earnings 2011 $13.4 million
Politicalticker June 2010:'According to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's annual financial disclosure report released Monday, the former president earned $7.5 million from 36 paid speeches last year, up from the $5.7 million he earned for 25 speeches in 2008'

NYTimes 041708: 'The Clintons' estimated 2007 total income includes, among other items:

Senator Clinton's salary $150,200
Senator Clinton's book royalties $152,864
President's Clinton's pension $186,600
President Clinton's book income $4,434,446
President Clinton's speeches $10,145,000
Partnership income $2,750,000
Advisor income from InfoUSA $400,000
Income from savings accounts $485,000
Investment income from Blind Trust $3,515,000

(The partnership, speeches and investment income above are estimated figures)'

Taiwan News 05202009:"Clinton _ who will be paid $1 a year and travel to Haiti several times annually _ said he is honored [with his position as UN envoy]."

Notification: the salarychecker is based on a 5 days working week and two weeks holiday per year.
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