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FEDERAL MINIMUM WAGE: $7.25 per hour

Where Federal and state law have different minimum wage rates, the higher standard applies.

Minimum Wage Tipped Workers: $9.10

Jan.1 2015: $9.25

Oregon's state law doesn't allow tip credit.

Oregon Minimum Wage Coverage-Exemptions

A lot of Oregon's workers  are protected (or "covered") by the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA ) for their minimum wage, but there are exemptions. Read more about:


Jan. 1 2015: $9.25

Oregon's minimum wage is adjusted annually based on changes in inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Full Time Minimum Wage: $364.00 pw

$364 per week and $18,928 per year working 40 hours per week and 52 weeks a year.

Minimum Wage Trainees, Internship: $9.10

Interns or trainees in the for-profit private sector who are qualifying more as employees than as trainees must be paid at least the minimum wage and overtime compensation for more then 40 hours worked in a workweek.

Read more via the next link about Minimum Wage Internships.

Overtime Pay Oregon
Overtime Pay Oregon: $13.65 per hour
Overtime pay is the cash compensation for the hours eligible employees work in excess of 40 hours in a workweek (a workweek = 7x24= 168 hours). The overtime pay rate is one and one-half (1.5) times the regular working hour rate of pay.
Violations Minimum Wage

If you didn't receive the minimum wage you may file a claim on a form provided by Oregon's Wage and Hour Division. If you have a valid wage claim the Wage and Hour Division will attempt to recover all wages owed.

Find here: Oregon's wage claim form

Find here more information about filing a Wage Claim in Oregon.

Or get more info at the local office of the Wage and Hour Division

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