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Walmart CEO Douglas McMillon said Oct. 15th that the company plans to pay all its workers a higher rate than the federal minimum of $7.25 per hour. He didn't say how much more. The announcement came as hundreds of Walmart workers protested in four cities, demanding full time jobs and a minimum wage of $15 per hour. Walmart is the country's largest private employer.

Oklahoma Tribes Hike Minimum Wages

Cherokee Nation: $9.50

Chickasaw Nation: $9.00 ($1.75 more than federal level of $7.25)

Osage Nation: $11.50

Cheyenne Arapaho Tribe: $9.00 ($1.75 more than federal level of $7.25)

Muscogee (Creek) Nation: $10.50

Oklahoma's 39 federally recognized tribes are exempt from state law because of their sovereign nature and can raise therefor their minimum wage, despite legislation to prevent increases. Source: OklahomaWatch 

A St. Louis restaurant owner isn't waiting for Congress or the Missouri Legislature to raise the minimum wage to boost his own workers' pay. Pi Pizzeria owner Chris Sommers says he will pay all of his employees $10.10 an hour starting on April 1, instead of the Missouri state's minimum of $7.50. Source:

Find out what prices are in your neighbourhood and we will tell you your living wage.

Some facts: when federal and state law have different minimum wage rates, the higher standard applies. And tipped workers: your overtime hourly rate can never be less than your minimum wage. Check our minimum wage section.

Minimum wage and overtime protection will extend to home care workers, personal care aides and certified nursing assistants. The protection will extend to all direct care workers employed by home care agencies and other third parties starting January 1st. 2015.

Women continue to be better represented in the workforce, but the gender pay gap isn't closing. Women earn 29% less than men and in supervisory positions they even earn up to 42% less. Read more about our latest report on the Gender Pay Gap.

Westgate Resorts, which runs two properties in Las Vegas, announced a companywide minimum wage increase to $10 per hour starting Jan. 1 2015. It doesn't apply to commissioned and tipped employees, or employees covered by collective bargaining agreements.

Gap and IKEA Raise Minimum Wage

Gap raised the companies minimum wage to $9 per hour starting June 2014, and to $10 in June 2015.The change applies to all Gap brands in the US, such as Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperline and Athleta.

Ikea plans to raise its minimum wage from $9.17 an hour to $10.76 starting January 1. The increase will affect about half of the 11,000 employees at its 38 US stores.

Oklahoma Bans Local Minimum Wage Hikes

Oklahoma cities and towns are banned from raising the local minimum wage under a new state law. Gov. Mary Fallin signed the measure April 14, 2014. The new law also bars localities from requiring that employees receive a certain number of sick or vacation days, either paid or unpaid.

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