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Archivists and curators

US - Legal professionals, all other, include those who perform legal functions other than pleading or prosecuting cases or presiding over judicial proceedings. US

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Job Description

  • (a) evaluating and preserving records for administrative, historical, legal, evidential and other purposes
  • (b) directing or carrying out the preparation of indexes, bibliographies, microfilm copies and other reference aids to the collected material and making them available to users
  • (c) researching the origin, distribution and use of materials and objects of cultural and historical interest
  • (d) organizing, developing and maintaining collections of artistic, cultural, scientific or historically significant items
  • (e) directing or undertaking classification and cataloguing of museum and art gallery collections and organizing exhibitions
  • (f) researching into, appraising, and developing, organizing and preserving historically significant and valuable documents such as government papers, private papers, photographs, maps, manuscripts, audio-visual materials
  • (g) preparing scholarly papers and reports
  • (h) planning and implementing the computerized management of archives and electronic records
  • (i) organizing exhibitions at museums and art galleries, publicizing exhibits and arranging special displays for general, specialized or educational interest
  • (j) appraising and acquiring archival materials to build and develop an archival collection for research purposes
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