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Seattle, WA: $11/10 by April 1st

San Francisco: $12.25 by May 1st

Delaware: $8.25 by June 1st

Chicago, IL: $10.00 by July 1st

Multnomah County, Ore: $14 by July 1st

Washington D.C.: 10.50 by July 1st

Minnesota: $8.00/7.25 by August 1st

Berkeley, Ca: $11 by Oct. 1st

New York: $9.00, tipped workers: $7.50 by Dec. 31,

2016 and onwards:

Alaska: $9.75 by Jan 2016

Arkansas: $8.50 by 2017

Berkeley, Ca.: $12.53 by Oct 2016

California $10 by 2016

Chicago, IL: $13.00 by July 2019

Connecticut to $10.10 by 2017

Delaware $8.25 by June 2016

Hawaii to $10.10 by 2018

Massachusetts to $11 by 2017

Michigan to $9.25 by 2018  

Minnesota to $9.50 by 2016

Multnomah County, Ore to $15 by 2016

Nebraska to $9.00 by Jan 2016

San Diego (Cal.) to $11.50 by 2017

San Francisco: $15 by 2018

Seattle to $15 by 2017

Vermont to $10.50 by 2018

West Virginia to $8.75 by 2016

Washington D.C. to $11.50 by 2016

The United States is the only developed country without laws providing paid maternity leave. The Labor Department is awarding half a million dollars to help feasible studies on new paid leave policies. See the accompanying video at our Maternity section.

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Expansion Overtime Pay

President Obama wants to review the overtime pay regulations. Several million fast-food managers, loan officers, computer technicians and others whom many businesses currently classify as “executive or professional” are exempt from overtime pay, because they earn $455 per week or more. Mr. Obama wants to increase that salary level, because the threshold of $455 is under today's poverty line for a worker to support a family of four. Find out more about who is covered or exempt for Overtime Pay.

More States Ban Paid Sick Leave Legislation

Ten states — Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin — have passed laws that ban all cities and counties from enacting paid sick days bills, according to the Economic Policy Institute

An increasing number of professionals are interested in opportunities outside the U.S. And it's not the typical globetrotter - young and unattached - looking for work overseas. So don't rule yourself out. Check here your Salary Overseas.

Are you entitled to overtime pay? If you are covered by the Fair Labor Standard Act your overtime pay can never be lower than your hourly rate! But: the act doesn't limit the total number of hours worked in overtime. Check your overtime pay rights.

There are exceptions to employment at will. Do you know your right on this part? You can't be terminated on basis of your race or gender. And 38 states regulate dismissals by so called implied contracts. Find out more at dismissal rights.

03/11/15 - Europe's more progressive family leave  policies are making their way across the pond. In an unusual move - especially for the U.S. where businesses are not required to give new mothers paid time off - Vodafone announced that it would offer a minimum of 16 weeks paid maternity leave by the end of 2015 to new mothers in all 30 countries in which the telecommunications giant is operating.  And more generous, the company will let returning mothers work 30-hour weeks with full-time pay and benefits for the first six months when they’re back at work.

Same Sex Spouse is Spouse under FMLA soon

As of March 27,  “spouse” means “spouse" under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), even if you are living in a state that does not recognize same sex marriages.

Make It Happen: Close the Gender Pay Gap - International Women's Day 2015

03/06/15 - Women may be graduating from U.S. colleges faster than men (3:2), but American women still earn just 77 cents for every dollar that men earn, and fill only 14% of Fortune 500 boardroom seats, according to Forbes.  Nothing has changed in 20 years, and at the current rate of change, there won’t be pay equity between women and men for another 70 or more years, warns ILO. SEVENTY YEARS! We don't want that. This years theme of International Women's Day 2015 is Make it Happen: so let's close the gender pay gap. Know what you are worth and ask for that pay raise

No College Degree? Better Paid Overseas!

03/03/15 - If you are a cook or a cleaner, move overseas. Jobs for which you do not necessarily need a college degree are often better paid in Europe, but if you are highly specialized or educated, you might want to stay in the U.S. For example I.T. consultants, journalists and medical specialists have a better salary in the U.S. compared to other countries. That is the outcome of Washington Post research, based on WageIndicator/Paywizard data. See also: Salaries Overseas and our Salary Calculator.

02/19/15 - Walmart announced that 500,000 full-time and part-time associates, more than a third of its work force at Walmart U.S. stores and Sam's Clubs, will receive pay raises in April to at least $9 an hour. By next February 1, 2016 their pay will go to at least $10 an hour. Once the company's starting pay becomes $9 an hour in April, the average pay for full-time retail workers there will be about $13 an hour.

02/18/15 - The Obama administration is expected to move forward soon on its plan to provide overtime pay to low paid managers, who don't qualify for them. Currently under the federal law, if an employee makes at least $23,660 per year - or $455 per week - their employer doesn't have to pay them overtime. The new policy would raise that bar somewhere between $42,000 and $52,000. That would mean overtime pay for an estimated 3.5 million more workers. 

The Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act will be replaced by the Parental Leave Act (PLA), effective April 7, 2015. The PLA provides eight weeks of unpaid leave for both men and women when giving birth, or for adoption of a child. Read more about the Parental Leave Act.

Obama Pushes Paid Sick Leave, Minimum Wage, Equal Pay

But will he succeed? President Obama used his State of the Union address to do 'The Right thing' for workers, but he made his case to a skeptical, Republican-controlled Congres that so far has blocked proposed reforms on paid sick leave, a higher minimum wage and equal pay

Health and Safety: New Reporting Requirements

Starting January 1, 2015 your employer will be required to report all work-related fatalities within 8 hours and all in-patient hospitalizations, amputations, and losses of an eye within 24 hours of finding about the incident. Previously, employers were required to report all workplace fatalities and when three or more workers were hospitalized in the same incident. See more at the U.S. Department of Labor.

03/19/15 -  Target plans to increase the minimum wage for all of its workers, matching moves made by rivals including Wal-Mart, Ikea and TJX Companies. The retailer is set to raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour starting next month, before climbing to $10 an hour next year.

Best Paid Jobs for Women

02/10/15 - Careers in science, engineering, and healthcare dominate Forbes’ annual ranking of the best-paying jobs for women this year. Topping the list is sales engineer, followed by various math and science occupations, physicist and astronomer, and on the 4th place: nurse anaesthetist. Check their salaries with our Salary Calculator

02/03/15 - Veterans have years of job experience and skills. They drove heavy equipment, supervised troops or did computer programming.  All useful skills in the civilian workforce. The best jobs for them in 2015 according to Forbes: training and development manager, software engineer, construction program manager, administrative services manager, personal finance manager. But what are the salaries in those sectors? Find out with our salary calculator.

The rich more likely to get pay raise

01/19/15: Seventy percent of people earning more than $150,000 received their requested raise, while only 25 percent of those earning between $10,000 and $20,000 received the raise they asked for, according to PayScale's latest survey. Are you paid enough? Check our Salary Calculator.

Most Americans Living Paycheck to Paycheck

01/07/15: Americans are feeling better about the economy, but most have no savings to support those feelings. About 62% of Americans have no emergency savings for things like a $1,000 emergency room visit or a $500 car repair, according to a recent survey by Bankrate.com. The findings are strikingly similar to a U.S. Federal Reserve survey of more than 4,000 adults released last year. 

Massachusetts became the 3d state of the nation to guarantee paid sick leave, with voters approving on November 4th 2014 a sick-leave ballot initiative. Under the measure employees can earn one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked, to be capped at 40 days of leave per calendar year, starting July 15, 2015. Small employers with 10 or fewer workers won't have to provide paid sick leave, but their employees could earn and use up to 40 hours of unpaid sick time. Read more about Massachusetts Paid Sick Leave.

The Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 is the nation's second state-law mandate requiring paid sick leave. Connecticut signed the first paid sick leave into law in 2011. Effective July 1, 2015 California's law requires all employers to provide California employees (with some exceptions) with paid sick leave.  See more at California Sick Leave.